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The Humble Garnish represents a philosophy of excellence, balance, and humility. Simplify something to its core components so that you can analyze and understand them. Realize those seemingly insignificant details are the foundation of the larger picture.

The garnish is an underappreciated element, but it alone is the one tasked to make the first impression. It is the embassador signifying that a meal or drink is ready for consumption. Mediocre food and drink cannot hide behind a garnish, but excellent food and drink is enhanced by one.

Above all, The Humble Garnish philosophy is that if something is worth your time, it is worth a full investment of time and effort. When your best is not good enough, admit, and improve. Once you attain mastery, add the garnish, but maintain humility throughout the entire process.

That describes what the site is about, but what about me as a person? I’m a food and cocktail enthusiast, avid reader, photographer, cinematographer, and writer. I’m available for hire, providing a variety of services including bartending private events, cocktail design, writing, and menu consultation. Feel free to contact me. You can check out my product, food, and drink photography here.

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