Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 Deals for Cocktail Enthusiasts

clear ice fall

Once again, I’ve created a list of Black Friday 2020 deals for cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders. With everyone relying on their home bartending skills more frequently, this Black Friday is a good time to stock up on some essentials, pick up some essential tools, or knock out some early Christmas gift shopping. Whatever you do, avoid the cheap cobbler shakers, silicone ice molds, and full bar kits. You’re much better of piecemealing these items from somewhere like Cocktail Kingdom. If you’re looking for the best ice molds, check out my ultimate review–I haven’t seen any deals on my top-rated picks yet.

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Spirit of Inclusion – A case for Zero-Proof Cocktails

two zero-proof cocktails

Someone walks into a bar and orders a non-alcoholic drink. Immediately, assumptions begin to fly. Guests assume they’re a teetotaler. Bartenders worry they won’t tip well. Others assume they’re on the wagon, or pregnant. It’s only human to construct these narratives, but there is a problem with them.

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Black Friday Deals for Cocktail Enthusiasts

pineapple rum old fashioned

I normally share some sort of a holiday gift guide, and I still might. In the meantime, here are deals I’ve spotted this week that will appeal to all cocktail enthusiasts, whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift. Some are live now, and others start Friday, so I’ll specify the dates where applicable. I’ll also update this post if I see anything new.

P.S. – Leave a quick comment on this post and let me know if you’re interested in a holiday gift guide or if I missed any deals.

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It’s just me, and I’m like you.

Andrew Saliga

Since launching this site 5 years ago, it has continually evolved and the focus has been refined. Now I need your input.

The articles I write are a reflection of my interests at that particular time. I constantly turn down opportunities from brands offering free products because I only want to share articles about the people and products that I truly care about. Don’t worry–I don’t need money from you to continue writing. I write because I enjoy it. (However, I do make a small commission when you make purchases through Amazon links on this site.)

In addition to the content being a reflection of my interests, it’s also a reflection of how much available time I have. My main gig is commercial video production and photography, and this year has been a whirlwind of projects with clients including NASA, The Pioneer Woman, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America, to name a few.    As a freelancer, this often leaves little time to focus on creating quality content for The Humble Garnish, but I’m back at it!

Here is what you can expect from The Humble Garnish moving forward. 

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