Hella Bitters & Soda Review

Hella Bitters and Soda

Hella Bitters & Soda isn’t the first product I’ve reviewed from the ever-expanding Hella Cocktail Co. When I met their founders back in 2016, bitters were their only product. Since then, their brand has expanded to include a full lineup of bitters, mixers, and canned bitters and soda. Since their rebrand from Hella Bitters to Hella Cocktail Co., their growing product line continues their tradition of using only premium ingredients that are fresh and free from artificial additives—something much of their competitors cannot say.

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Sanbittèr – The Campari-Like Non-Alcoholic Italian Soda (Review)

Sanbitter with Orange

This one is for the Negroni fans.

Sanbittèr is an Italian red bitter style soda that comes in perfectly dosed 3.4 ounce (10 cl) bottles. In the U.S. we know San Pellegrino mostly for their sparkling mineral water and a few citrus sodas, however, in Italy they are known for a much wider selection which includes citrus sodas and unique bitter sodas, Sanbittèr and Chinotto.

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DHŌS Non-Alcoholic Spirits Review (Plus Recipes)

DHŌS Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Looking to better practice moderation and mindful consumption, I was excited to come across DHŌS non-alcoholic spirits. With this category seeing exponential growth, one can only hope we’re beyond the point of someone’s choice to cut back or cut out being a surprising statement. What I find exciting is exploring the growing number of options available in the “low and no” category. DHŌS launched in late 2020, and is an offshoot of Ransom Spirits. They currently offer three alcohol alternatives—Gin-Free, Orange, and Bittersweet. After tasting their lineup individually and in various recipes, I’m ready to share my full review of DHŌS non-alcoholic spirits as well as some zero-proof cocktail recipes for each of their flagship bottles.

However, to best understand how these products fit into your home bar, a quick primer on the category is needed.

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Casamara Club’s Amaro Club Soda – Quick Review

Casamara Club Amaro Club Soda Lineup

Finding zero-proof drink options is a challenge. Too often, you’re left choosing between an imitation alcohol product or a sugary alternative that leaves you feeling like a small child slurping up a Shirley Temple. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Casamara Club.

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To Be American: An Interview with Rockwell Vermouth’s Birk O’Halloran

Rockwell Vermouth Bottles

Birk O’Halloran is an American winemaker known for launching Iconic Wines in 2011, and, most recently, California-based Rockwell Vermouth. O’Halloran bottled his first batch of vermouth this July, and I recently spent some time asking him about his backstory, the process of launching an American vermouth, and what’s next. 

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Bottled Negronis – St. Agrestis Review

Saint Agrestis Bottled Negroni Cap Campari Soda Cap

Before the pandemic, there was a noticeable uptick in ready-to-drink cocktails. From single-serving canned Caipirinhas, low-ABV spritzes, and even larger format bottled Old Fashioneds, these convenience cocktails were popping up everywhere and I largely disregarded them. 

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Tangled Up In Blue – Black Trumpet Blueberry Cordial Meets Charanda

Tangled Up In Blue Cocktail

It’s been four years since I first reviewed Tamworth Distilling’s Black Trumpet Blueberry Cordial, and their spirits lineup has matured substantially since. You’ll now find over 40 bottled products, all organized into themed collections. The Art In The Age lineup is their first collection that interested me. Their discontinued lineup of Snap, Root, Sage, and Rhubarb first captivated me with their unique formulations based on historical recipes and quality ingredients. While those specific bottles are no longer available, I think their new expanded lineup offers much more. 

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