The Ultimate Cocktail Cherry Review (29 Products Reviewed)

cocktail cherries in coupe glass

I don’t know about you, but I recall when I first experienced a proper cherry garnishing my cocktail. Up to that point I was blissfully ignorant of the vast difference between the electric red #40 orbs masquerading as Maraschino cherries and an actual Marasca cherry drowned in syrup and produced in Europe using centuries-old techniques.

With so many styles and varieties available, it’s hard to determine which cocktail cherry is the best. Not only are Maraschino and Amarena cherries better suited for different cocktails, there is a wide range of quality and price in what’s available. So, I set out to create the ultimate cocktail cherry review by purchasing 29 jars of cherries.

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Review: St. Agrestis Cherry Ratafia

St. Agrestis Cherry Ratafia

Once again, St. Agrestis has released a liqueur that is unlike anything I’ve tasted. Their latest release, St. Agrestis Cherry Ratafia, is a limited bottling that is only available through their new members-only subscription, the Sinners + Saints Society.

St. Agrestis is far from a household name, however cocktail enthusiasts certainly took note when they released a boxed negroni back in 2020. I previously reviewed their bottled negroni, and find it to be an exceptional choice when opting for convenience. In addition, the zero-proof version which they dub the Phony Negroni has a permanent spot reserved in my fridge for those times I choose to not imbibe.

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Bananas Up – A Charanda Cocktail with the Essence of Banana and Kiss of Smoke

Bananas Up Cocktail

When I developed this cocktail in 2020, I had just discovered Charanda—a sugarcane-based spirit distilled in Mexico. The bottle that I was specifically enjoying was Uruapan’s Charanda Blanco. This particular bottling is created through two distillation methods.

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Holy Fizz – The Love Child of a Church and Ramos Gin Fizz

Holy Fizz cocktail

The Holy Fizz is one of those creative cocktail ideas that are often devised when you’re a few cocktails deep. This recipe re-imagines the Church cocktail as a fizz, resulting in the perfect sipper that’ll have you seeing the bottom of the glass too quickly.

The creamy citrus vibes from the Aperol and heavy cream are reminiscent of a sophisticated orange creamsicle. The Holy Fizz cocktail takes some time and effort to make, but it’s perfect as a treat.

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