To Be American: An Interview with Rockwell Vermouth’s Birk O’Halloran

Rockwell Vermouth Bottles

Birk O’Halloran is an American winemaker known for launching Iconic Wines in 2011, and, most recently, California-based Rockwell Vermouth. O’Halloran bottled his first batch of vermouth this July, and I recently spent some time asking him about his backstory, the process of launching an American vermouth, and what’s next. 

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Avuá Cachaça – An Interview with the Co-Founder [Plus Recipes]

Avuá Cachaça bottles on a bar

I recently had the opportunity to chat with the co-founder of Avuá Cachaça, Peter Nevenglosky, about launching the brand and the growth of terroir-driven spirits. We cover everything from the time he unexpectedly met Sasha Petraske, to aging cachaça in an heirloom tapinhoã barrel. 

Whether you’re new to cachaça or have tried your fair share, I guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two–I certainly did. 

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Purely Patagonian – An Interview with TRÄ•KÁL’s Master Distiller, Sebastian Gomez

A Bottle of TRÄ•KÁL

You rarely encounter a spirit that is so unique that it cannot be easily classified within existing spirit designations. I first encountered TRÄ•KÁL at a spirit tasting held at Hodges Bend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Shout out to Provisions for organizing the event!) I tasted through several cocktails featuring this unique Patagonian spirit, and the master distiller, Sebastian Gomez, was present to talk about his process and describe what makes TRÄ•KÁL so unique. 

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Museums and martinis (A conversation Robert Simonson)

Robert Simonson by Lizzie Munro

This is a conversation that I recently had with award-winning cocktail writer Robert Simonson. Simonson was in Tulsa to judge the annual MIX cocktail competition. I also had the honor of hosting a live Q&A with him at Magic City Books as part of his book tour. Though some of this content is specific to Tulsa or MIX, there are other noteworthy bits.


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The Cocktail Historian Who Shaped the Future: A Conversation with David Wondrich (Interview)

David Wondrich and Andrew Saliga Judging MIX

This article is the extended version of an interview I conducted with David Wondrich. I judged a cocktail competition with him in Tulsa, Oklahoma and called him the week prior to the event to discuss his backstory, the cocktail revolution, and his approach to judging cocktails.

While some of the content may be specific to Philbrook’s MIX cocktail event, I have opted to leave it because I figured it would be insightful and interesting for fellow enthusiasts. We discuss everything from him playing in a punk band, his martini preferences, and his research methods for his books. I hope you find it both informative and interesting.

Also, I’m giving away two signed copies of his books. I have one signed copy of Imbibe! and one signed copy of Punch. The giveaway launches Monday—unless I get a bit restless and launch it early. Be sure to sign up for the email list so you don’t miss out!

This giveaway is live, and you can enter here or at the end of this article!


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