Chareau – A Review of the Aloe Liqueur with Recipe

While it was the small, well-designed bottle and label that initially caught my attention, it was the ingredient list that led me to the purchase. It doesn’t get much simpler than aloe vera, cucumber, eau de vie, lemon peel, muskmelon, spearmint, sugar, and water. Read more

Spring Cocktail Season is Here!

As the window of opportunity to enjoy Winter cocktails with their warmth and spice closes, it’s time to look forward to bright and refreshing Spring cocktails. These seasonal flavors associated with the start of Spring often lend themselves to lighter cocktails that feature gin and vodka as base spirits. I decided to browse through my cocktail books to find a recipe. Read more

Healthy Hummus Veggie Wrap Is a Simple Weekend Meal


It would stand to reason that I’d cook most of my meals over the weekend since I’d have more time to spare, but that’s never been the case. Over the weekend I opt for simplicity and generally cook a standard rotation of meals. These veggie hummus wraps are one of those meals that Read more