3 Exceptional Halloween Cocktails That Aren’t Cheesy

For the cocktail enthusiast, Halloween can be a tricky holiday. There is no shortage of cocktails and punches with over the top garnishes and sugary, colorful concoctions that people are hell-bent on shooting. Luckily, there are several options that don’t require the enthusiast to sell their soul. Here are three that I’ve specifically selected for Halloween.

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Cherry Bounce – A Simple Colonial-Era Liqueur


In addition to experiencing the flavor and aroma of a cocktail, appreciation comes from knowledge of its history. However, our tendency is only to study modern history and investigate the birth of the cocktail rather than the historical context of drinking culture which predates it. For Americans this means Read more

The Cocktail to Make with Those Extra Thanksgiving Herbs

Seasonal Sour Cocktail with Rosemary Garnish

Herbal and bitter cocktails are a favorite of mine, but I don’t always have the necessary ingredients on hand. Fresh herbs aren’t as easy to keep a supply of for the home cocktail enthusiast. Luckily, the same herbs you’re going to be using to season your turkey are the same ones we want in this cocktail. Read more