Final Phrasing

Fellow cocktail enthusiasts are likely aware of Mixology Monday – an online cocktail community that Paul Clarke created in April of 2006. Despite having hosted a Q & A session with him in 2016, I wasn’t much a participant in MxMo. And regretfully, not only is Mixology Monday coming to a conclusion with this final installation entitled “Irish Wake“, but I have only been a lurker and never offered a contribution. So with this final installation, I’ve decided to put together a cocktail. Read more

Teeling Irish Whiskey Sour


National Whiskey Sour Day is upon us, and I decided to switch it up slightly by making a whiskey sour with a unique Irish whiskey that spends its final 6 months in used rum barrels as opposed to the standard of used bourbon barrels. Teeling Whiskey Company’s current lineup includes Read more