5 Green Chartreuse Cocktails for the True Enthusiast

Blushing Monk cocktail garnished with mint sprig
Green Chartreuse is the kryptonite of many cocktail enthusiasts – it’s certainly mine. If you’re not familiar with Chartreuse, here is the crash course. It’s a French herbal liqueur that’s made by Carthusian monks based on a recipe they purportedly received in 1605. The two types that you’ll see most often are yellow (40% ABV) and green (55% ABV), but there are other iterations that include aged and higher ABV bottlings. Yellow is the more mild version, while green is the bolder. 

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3 Cocktails for Negroni Week 2016


This year marks the 4th annual Negroni Week presented by Imbibe and Campari. What I particularly appreciate about this event is that it encourages local establishments to participate and donate to a local charity of their choice. The way it works is an establishment registers for the event stating Read more

How to Set Yourself Apart On World Gin Day


World Gin Day is today, and I hope you’re laughing along with me as I try to keep up with all these “holidays”. Did you know tomorrow is National Bourbon Day? Just seeing the plethora of links to similar bogus holidays at the bottom of their site is Read more

Pasta Primavera + French Boulevardier


Today is the first day of Fall, so what better recipe to prepare than one that allows you to cling on to any lingering remnants of fresh Summer vegetables? Primavera makes for a great meal because it’s simple, flexible, and most of all, you can’t beat the colorful presentation.
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