Bywater Cocktail (Recipe)

The Bywater is a cocktail created by Chris Hanna of Arnaud’s French 75 Bar in New Orleans. This combination of rum, Green Chartreuse, Averna, and falernum may not seem like complementary flavors, but, in conjunction, they work extremely well.

It’s as if a classic cocktail from the early 1900s got a touch of tiki influence. This modern classic has permeated the recipe books and menus of bars across the country, so any reputable cocktail bar should be able to mix one up. It’s also a simple one to mix at home!

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Course: Cocktail
Keyword: Averna, Green Chartreuse, rum, velvet falernum
Servings: 1
Author: Chris Hannah, Arnaud’s French 75 Bar



  • Combine ingredients in mixing glass and stir with ice.
  • Strain into cocktail glass.

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    Do you have any Brandy recipes? I was searching on your page but couldn’t find anything. I love your recipes. I have tried some of them. Recently I was feeling I need to try a brandy recipe. That’s why I came here but couldn’t find any. Can you help me with this?

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