5 Green Chartreuse Cocktails for the True Enthusiast

Blushing Monk cocktail garnished with mint sprig
Green Chartreuse is the kryptonite of many cocktail enthusiasts – it’s certainly mine. If you’re not familiar with Chartreuse, here is the crash course. It’s a French herbal liqueur that’s made by Carthusian monks based on a recipe they purportedly received in 1605. The two types that you’ll see most often are yellow (40% ABV) and green (55% ABV), but there are other iterations that include aged and higher ABV bottlings. Yellow is the more mild version, while green is the bolder. 

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The Old Fashioned


The humble old fashioned. One of the simplest and most classic of cocktails, and also a personal favorite. It would be amiss for me not to share the recipe for making a proper old fashioned. So, in honor of World Cocktail Day* (May 13th), here is the recipe for the timeless old fashioned. Read more

The Difference Between a Julep and a Smash – Featuring The New Art In The Age Black Trumpet Blueberry Cordial

When it comes to language and categorization, it seems that nothing is ever simple. At a young age, we learn that all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. As adults, if we are spirits enthusiasts, we learn that all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. And just when it couldn’t get any more difficult, the Kentucky Derby Read more

Independence, Bourbon, and Bacon – The American Breakfast


Independence is a defining characteristic of the American spirit – on both a national and an individual level. Americans are known for their individualism, and when paired with our freedoms people with strong opinions are often the ones shouting their messages louder than others. The free flow of ideas contributes to Read more

Bourbon Mint Julep for the Kentucky Derby

They are, in fact, like the American ladies, irresistible.” – Frederick Marryat, on mint juleps

Once a year a free pass is given to non-Southerners which allows them to wear big hats and to sip minty-sweet bourbon drinks with abandon. This event is the Kentucky Derby, and while I know next to nothing about horse racing, I can give you some pointers for making the perfect mint julep. Read more