La Terra Rojo – A Coffee Cocktail for Everyone

Negroni Riff with Tequila and Coffee
The flavors found in coffee blend well with spirits, but too often coffee cocktails come out tasting diluted. Finding the proper balance between the base spirit and the coffee can be a game of cat and mouse. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. 

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Impress Your Significant Other with Only 3 Ingredients

Whether you’re going out for dinner and drinks or staying in, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. Here is a simple 3-ingredient cocktail along with a 3-ingredient dessert that will make you look like a pro regardless of experience level. It’s the epitome of small details executed well to create a stunning result. Read more

The One Ingredient Found in Every Top Restaurant and Cocktail Bar


Finely ground coffee, extracted at 200° F, with 9 bars of pressure. A deceptively simple method resulting in an exceptionally complex expression of the coffee bean. The welcoming aroma and oily crema invite you to enjoy the sweet nectar immediately – or so I thought. I overheard a conversation this week in which Read more