5 Green Chartreuse Cocktails for the True Enthusiast

Blushing Monk cocktail garnished with mint sprig
Green Chartreuse is the kryptonite of many cocktail enthusiasts – it’s certainly mine. If you’re not familiar with Chartreuse, here is the crash course. It’s a French herbal liqueur that’s made by Carthusian monks based on a recipe they purportedly received in 1605. The two types that you’ll see most often are yellow (40% ABV) and green (55% ABV), but there are other iterations that include aged and higher ABV bottlings. Yellow is the more mild version, while green is the bolder. 

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Exploring Nontraditional Cocktail Elements – Sage and Smoked Paprika


Perhaps it’s the seasonal herbs or perhaps it’s synchronicity, but here I am enjoying another cocktail that features sage. I’ve also been on a smoked paprika kick in my cooking, and as outlandish as it may seem this cocktail perfectly combines Read more

Floridita Daiquiri (Daiquiri #4)

I never used to respect the daiquiri. I didn’t understand the appeal of an overly-sweet alcoholic slushy. Actually, I didn’t have much respect for the old fashioned either – which is now my go to cocktail. Looking back, it’s apparent that Read more

Ti’ Punch

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Perhaps it’s just my perception, but I feel that rum suffers from a lack of respect that is rivaled only by vodka. I’m not saying that it’s in any way accurate, just that they seem to be the first spirits to get thrown under the bus. Maybe it’s years of marketing campaigns from big brand rums that are better known for Read more

Juicy Cuban Pork Chops and Spicy Black Beans with Ron Collins


Until you’ve experienced a cut of pork cooked medium rare, you haven’t experienced all that pork can truly be. Too often pork is overcooked out of fear of foodborne illness. The thing to keep in mind is Read more