Review of Hella Bitters Founder’s Collection Bitters, Plus Eucalyptus Negroni Recipe

Hella Bitters Founder's Collection
Most cocktail enthusiasts are familiar with the three most iconic bitters – Angostura, Regan’s, and Peychauds. This basic assortment covers both aromatic and orange bitters, but they’re far from the only options. Countless brands and home enthusiasts sell their own formulas – I have over two dozen types in my home bar alone.

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Simple Cacao Nib-Infused Campari, a Bottled Negroni, and 3 Negroni Riffs

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Negroni Week – one of my favorite weeks of the year. Not only do I get to partake in the forever-classic negroni, but to participate in supporting charity. However, this year is a bit different from prior years. Participating venues select a charity from the vetted list provided by Imbibe and Campari then make an initial donation to the charity.

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3 Cocktails for Negroni Week 2016


This year marks the 4th annual Negroni Week presented by Imbibe and Campari. What I particularly appreciate about this event is that it encourages local establishments to participate and donate to a local charity of their choice. The way it works is an establishment registers for the event stating which Negronis or Negroni variants they will be serving and to what charity the will donate a portion of their proceeds – the minimum donation is $1 per drink. In addition, Campari donates $10,000 to the chosen charity of the establishment that raises the most money. Imbibe chooses a participant randomly and donates $1,000 to their charity. Last year was a record-breaking year with $321,000 raised!

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Spicy Ginger Simple Syrup

20160223 Spicy Ginger Simple Syrup Website

Ginger liqueurs are great, but they tend to be sweeter than they are spicy. Personally, I like ginger drinks to be very spicy so I did some experimenting until I came up with a spicy ginger simple syrup that was able to suit my palate. I thinly sliced and simmered the ginger for about 45 minutes. I then added Read more

A Cocktail’s Accessories – Featuring pink House Smoldered Bitters


Bitters are the fashion accessory of the cocktail world – a small accent that makes what surrounds them pop. In fashion it could be a small accessory like a tie or piece of jewelry that brings out an adjacent color and in a cocktail it’s a few drops of concentrated flavor that provides Read more

Juicy Cuban Pork Chops and Spicy Black Beans with Ron Collins


Until you’ve experienced a cut of pork cooked medium rare, you haven’t experienced all that pork can truly be. Too often pork is overcooked out of fear of foodborne illness. The thing to keep in mind is Read more

Yum Woon Sen (Crispy Pork with Spicy Glass Noodles)

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When asked what my favorite type of food is I used to say that I enjoyed Italian the most, but ate Mexican more frequently. Lately I’ve noticed that isn’t the case. I enjoy a lot of Asian food – specifically Thai. I am a fan of spicy food, but more than that I love the fresh Read more