Cocktail Confidential – A Discussion with Paul Clarke of Imbibe

Paul Clarke is an established cocktail writer, author, and the executive editor of Imbibe. Paul began his current career path 10 years ago when he launched a website he called The Cocktail Chronicles. Paul has been at the forefront of the cocktail Renaissance since it began.

I recently had the honor to be on the judges’ panel for a large cocktail competition alongside Paul, and also led a brief discussion with him regarding his transition into cocktail writing, trends in cocktail culture, his book, and more. For your listening pleasure, here is the audio of that 30 minute session. (Excuse any random background noise – tiki bars aren’t the most welcoming acoustic environments.)

Don’t forget to check out his book. It’s filled with classic recipes and cocktail history, but presented in way that’s welcoming regardless of your skill level.

Cocktail Confidential – A Discussion with Paul Clarke of Imbibe

Liz Blood, Paul Clarke, and Andrew Saliga #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Photo: Paul Clarke (Imbibe), Liz Blood (The Tulsa Voice), and Andrew Saliga (The Humble Garnish) – MIX 2016 After Judging Duties Wrapped

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