Disco Ball – A Chartreuse and Mezcal Shot

Chartreuse and Mezcal Disco Ball Shot

This Chartreuse recipe by Ford Roberts is a surprisingly delicious combination. You’ll definitely want to stir this one well to chill and dilute the shot, otherwise it’ll come off very syrupy with all the Chartreuse. That said, it’s still on the sweeter side. I have heard of it served as a cocktail, but I think you’d need to tweak the ratios to make it more balanced if you plan on sipping it.

I’d advise reserving this one for special occasions or home consumption, as it’s not unusual for a single shot of Chartreuse (not to mention mezcal) to cost upwards of $20 at some cocktail bars.

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10 Iconic Chartreuse Cocktail Recipes

vintage Green Chartreuse advertisement

Chartreuse is a liqueur that has stood the test of time since 1605. That’s far longer than any cocktail fad. In an era of rapid content creation and expedited consumption, it’s worth noting the things that endure. Whether they are liqueurs and spirits or books that required countless hours of the author’s time.

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Door #2

Door Number Two

SUZE is known for its dry, bitter, gentian-heavy flavor profile, but this cocktail is surprisingly bright and refreshing. Yellow Chartreuse and mint’s herbal notes play well with SUZE, and come together in this drink to make a refreshing tipple that’s perfect for spring or summer.

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Yum Woon Sen (Crispy Pork with Spicy Glass Noodles)

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When asked what my favorite type of food is I used to say that I enjoyed Italian the most, but ate Mexican more frequently. Lately I’ve noticed that isn’t the case. I enjoy a lot of Asian food – specifically Thai. I am a fan of spicy food, but more than that I love the fresh Read more